Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just a quick update on our family logistics...

We are all in WA.  Not in Bremerton where we lived for the last 5 years, but in Arlington (north of Seattle and Everett).  Bobby is no longer stationed on the USS John C Stennis, he is now on the USS Abraham Lincoln (which is currently stationed in Everett, WA).  The ship will be leaving at the end of the year to move over to the Norfolk, VA area.  During the move time I will be in AZ (for a few months) then I will meet Bobby and the ship in VA.  We are looking forward to that time when we will be able to live together as a family for longer than six months at a time...

We are renting and living down the street from Bobby's mom and the kids are LOVING having "Gramma Di" so close, they love spending time with her and she has been great to take them and let Bobby and I have quite a few dates since we got here (something that has been in short supply for us since the kids came along).

I am working on being a better housekeeper (I'm still no good at it, but baby steps, you know?).  We live a long way from town and I'm trying to save miles on my new Ford Flex, so me and the boys hang out here a lot.  We don't have a TV, but we do have computers (although the internet can be tricky), the boys are getting acquainted with some of the great kids movies of my time (Punkin fell in love with Sesame Street's "Follow That Bird" just yesterday).

Our new ward (Arlington 2nd Ward) is great.  The people have been very welcoming.  Punk LOVES his nursery class and has a cute little blonde girlfriend there already.  Bobby has been called to work with the young men, and while he feels a little overwhelmed by the calling at times I think it is awesome that he gets to work with the youth.  The ward has an active weekly playgroup (that meets with two other wards in the area) and a monthly "ladies night" that is really NIGHT, we meet at 9:00p.m. for dinner/dessert and fun conversation.  I have really felt welcomed by the women in the ward and already know I will be sad to leave here when the time comes.

Hoping to be a better blogger again.  Not that a ton happens here, but the kids are growing fast, Bug will be walking soon, and Punkin says/does totally cute/funny things everyday and I am doing a lot of cooking and crafting, so maybe I'll get some pics, recipes, etc up at some point.

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