Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been a busy girl...finishing the gratitude challenge in a hurry...

My life got really busy since OCTOBER, when I last posted, but since my last post was about gratitude I want to at least list my 26 other people I'm grateful for.  I have been trying to be more obvious about my gratitude for people and I hope that they know how much I love them and how grateful I am for them in my life.

1.  Bobby (my amazing husband)
2.  Punk (my oldest son, the light of my life and the wonder of my world)
3.  Bug (my baby boy, the perfect example of second kid strength and courage, and he's only 8.5 months old)
4.  Dad (my hero and the man who taught me to love reading)
5.  Grandma Bessie, Grandpa Carl, Grandma Anona, Grandpa Sonny, Grandma Beverly, and Grandpa Morris (I have the greatest grandparents EVER, some here with me and some watching over me from the other side)
6.  The women from the Manette Ward (amazing women who taught me so much about being a mom and about being a grown up)
7.  Nadine Torres (a friend's friend, I know I can always talk to her and I know she will always have an ear for me, plus, she's an amazing example of service and she always has been)
8.  Duane (what can I say, he's my brother, he's tested my patience and made me love him anyway)
9.  Ryan (baby brother, who is the strongest person I have ever met, he knows who he is and he always's amazing)
10.  The Gospel (without which I'm not sure what kind of person I would be, or what kind of mom I would be)
11. Rachel (my bestie, who sees the world the same way I do, and reacts to it completely differently)
12. Jessica (she's crazy, in all the right ways)
13. April (my sister-in-law, she has patience for days and a knowledge and love of the gospel that I aspire to)
14. April P. (a friend I don't deserve and one that always seems to know when I need her)
15. The Curtis family (my first second family, one that has always loved me like their own)
16. Aunt Sandra (I wish I had half of her creativity, she loves without condition)
17. Bob and Bobbie (my in-laws, who love me more than I deserve and think better of me than they should)
18. Diane and John (my other in-laws, my mother-in-law is one of the sweetest women I know, she loves my children and is so sweet with Pumpkin)
19. Derrick, Diane and kids (my brother-in-law and his family who are awesome and who we are so grateful to have as part of our lives)
20. Eric and Christine (two of my cousins, who taught me so much growing up and who I love on a level they probably don't even know)
21. Andrea (a women of integrity and an amazing friend I couldn't love more)
22. Dan (so many fun times and so much love for such a wonderful friend)
23. Chuck and Jess (friends like everyone should have and everyone should be)
24. Monica (strange? maybe. but I'm grateful for her, she helped to shape my Bobby into what he is today, and truthfully, she shaped many of the rough edges away, maybe not on purpose, but I think he's better for what he learned with her)
25. Kenna and Christy (great friends-like-sisters who I have always loved and who I will always love, I think they know that)
26. Women of South Mountain Ward past and present (this includes the women who taught my primary classes, my young women's classes, my relief society classes and who helped to shape who I am and who I am trying to become)

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