Sunday, June 12, 2011

What age should you part ways with your inner nudist for propriety's sake?

So, when I picked Punk up from Nursery class the nursery leader mentioned 3 things.

1.  "Punk sure is a ladies man".  Yep, yep he is.  He comes by that honest, mom and dad were pretty big flirts in their younger days as were their dad's before them, plus, he's so cute he's just irresistible.

2.  "Punk is quite a good dresser and he seems to like being dressed nice, he doesn't try to take off his clothes at all".  Well...Punk doesn't dress himself and when he gets a choice he only gets a choice between outfits.  Punk IS an excellent dresser, but it is because mommy is a great shopper (at least for children's clothes), because, really, how many not quite three year olds do you know who take themselves shopping?  As far as taking off his clothes, he doesn't because he can't...he doesn't know that is an option...because mommy hasn't let him know that taking off his own clothes is an option yet (my life is easier that way).

3.  "We had a hard time keeping Ashlyn's clothes on her today, she kept taking them off".  Ashlyn is Punk's little "girlfriend" at church (and playgroup and she lives close so we have had a play date and I expect we'll have quite a few), right now I have no issue with Punk having a "girlfriend" that is in touch with her inner nudist, but I imagine there will come a time when I'm not so okay with that...I'm thinking probably when he's five or so...

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Kimberly said...

The second comment was kind of strange...why not just compliment you on his clothes? Obviously it's YOU that's dressing him. Ah well. And I think it's funny when other people's kids take their clothes off but not so funny when it's my own. We visited a friend whose 5 year old ran around naked which was funny until he sat on Josh's lap (which weirded out Josh a little), so I guess 5 is about right.