Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Two - Least Favorite Artist

This post was supposed to be my least favorite song, but honestly, I couldn't come up with anything (at least not anything that didn't have all kinds of profanity in it and even in a "least favorite" post, that isn't something I want on my blog).  So I changed the post to my least favorite artist (because it's my blog and I do what I want!).

I'm a Taylor Swift fan, I think she is amazing as a singer and songwriter, but more so even because she is business minded and so sure of herself and in control especially for a child.  So on September 13, 2009, when she won the MTV award for Best Female Video and then was accosted on stage by Kanye West I became a real disliker of Kanye.  I'd never really liked him anyway, most of his music is kind of awful (okay, I kind of love Gold Digger, but doesn't everyone?), and he's stupid in general.  I mean, if President Obama (I'm not a fan) thinks you are a jackass (kind of like a slug saying you are icky), you must really be a mess, right?

This is the video of the President's "off the record" remark about Kanye:

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The Pullins said...

I agree! Kayne West has zero class.