Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I Want - Edited 8/9/10

In no particular order and for no particular reason...

This headache to pass. It did.

The Baby Jogger City Select. Decided against it for right now (but might change my mind later).

Someone to tell what the best decision for our family is going to be for the next two years of our lives, so I don't have to have mommy/wife guilt about whatever decision we make. That is what prayer is, we keep praying.

A time machine, to tell the 2005 me that buying a house right then is a VERY bad idea... Still wish I could have done this, but will make it through okay anyhow.

More of these...there are never enough. I have 19...I'm probably good for now (besides, they don't make many more than I have in boy/neutrals).

A Ford Flex. Again, decided against it for now, but reserve the right to roll up in one in a couple of years.

A new baby that sleeps...I know, pipe dream. He's actually not a bad the swing.

New clothes (preferably without having to shop for them). I picked up a few things to get me through until I can fit into my pre-pregnancy stuff, but still get me out of maternity clothes and I feel better now.

An aircraft carrier stationed in Phoenix (no more far fetched than a sleeping newborn, I suppose). Really, just a pipe dream.

An In&Out Burger, Filibertos, Cucina Tagliani, Chick-Fil-A, and a Cool Cuts for Kids in Kitsap county. But then what would I do when I visit Phoenix?

More friends who live within 500 miles. I have good friends in WA, I should probably spend more time appreciating them and less time lamenting the distance between here and Phoenix...besides, the distance shrinks with Facebook, blogging, email, Skype and phones...I really shouldn't complain.

Okay, I think I'm done whining for today...maybe.

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Momma of Three said...

Cool post! That's a nice stroller!