Thursday, July 14, 2011

The World According to Punk...

So, he's almost three with all the things that come with that...

We were driving into the parking lot at a Costco Punk had never been to the other day:
Cori: Where are we Punk?
Punk looks out one window: That's gas.
Cori: No, the store, look on the other side.
Punk: Oh, that's a Costco!
My baby can READ!

At dinner at Famous Daves:
Punk (pointing to my cornbread muffin): That's a pancake!
Me: No, Punk, it's not a pancake it's a muffin.
Punk: A muh-tin?
Me: Yes, a muFF-in.
Punk: Look at my mouth.  A MUH-TIN.
He has trouble with consonants in the middle of words, they often come out like "t"s so I tell him to "look at my mouth" so he can see how to say the words...

Walked out of the bedroom yesterday after getting dressed:
Punk: Mommy!  That's a red are a RACECAR!

In the front room the other day:
Punk: Mommy, you are a princess.  I need to slay the dragon and give the princess true love's first kiss!
Me: Who is the dragon?
Punk: DADDY is the dragon.
Epic battle ensues, Punk wins, the dragon is slain.
Punk: I have to give you true love's first kiss!
Jumps in my lap and kisses me.
He's been watching a lot of Shrek...

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