Friday, January 2, 2009

Friends Reunited

We were before we were born. Our souls are eternal. We knew people before, we knew our families, we want to continue those relationships after this life. If I didn't know those things before now, I would have to have admitted the truth of them as I watched my five month old and his three week old cousin lie on the floor next to each other on Christmas morning. I could not deny our eternal nature as I watched their eyes light up in recognition, watched them "talk" to each other and smile. I could see the joy in my babies eyes, I know that he knew CJ before, I know that he is glad to have her here with him now. I know how important our family relationships are and I am so glad that I will soon have the opportunity to be sealed to my family, that my young son will have his family forever and that he and CJ will be able to be friends for eternity.
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