Friday, May 15, 2009

Stockupportunity - Huggies

I was at Walmart tonight and they have Huggies Jumbo packs for $8.97 (other brands might have been that price too, I didn't really look close, but will look when I go tomorrow). Combine that price with the $1.50 Huggies coupons that are so prevalent (via the internet, mailers or Sunday coupons) and that makes Huggies size 3 diapers less than $.19 each. Huggies is lowering the number of diapers per package so stock up while the bigger packages are still on the shelves!

ETA: This seems to be only at the Walmart at Elliot and Priest in Tempe (I went to another Walmart that did not have the markdown) and it does appear that all the other brands were also a reduced price. I bought 7 packages of size 3s today and spent a little less than $53 with tax, that is less than $.19 per diaper even with tax included in the price!

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Ashley said...

Funny you mention because I was at CVS tonight where they are 8.99 and I noticed that the newer packages had 4 less diapers per package. K hate when they are all sneaky!