Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hawaii *Woot*

Going to Oahu this week and I'll be there 8 nights, 9 days. Hopefully I'll get a chance while I'm there to blog some amazing food and maybe even some pretty pictures. If you've been and have a food or activity suggestion you should lay it on me and I'm trying to get things partially planned before we leave.


The Pullins said...

Definitely try the pineapple frozen yogurt at the Dole Plantation. The Mahi Mahi at Duke's was good. On the weekends they have a band and everyone dances on the beach just outside Duke's. The aquarium was so-so. North Shore was a nice drive and close to the Dole Plantation. There was a little place just off the road on the way to Dole that we stopped and ate at that was cute. Remember, if a guy with two birds and a polaroid camera comes up and asks to take your picture...RUN! $20 what were we thinking! (ha ha) Have fun and enjoy the weather!

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

YES most definitely go to the go to the Dole Plantation. If you have time, go to the polynesian cultural center.. It was SO worth it! Greg & I had a great time but it was SO humid. Have fun & take LOTS of pictures!