Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why do I always feel like I should keep my opinions to myself?

I'm really tired of keeping my opinions to myself. At the risk of sounding a little bit hypocritical, I really don't begrudge anyone their right to make their own choices, but I somehow feel like often my decisions are not good enough and I rarely discuss my choices and the reasoning behind them with, well, anyone. I'm pretty sure I'm done doing that. I'm thinking that I'm going to try doing a weekly unapologetic blog. Maybe "Through With it Thursday"...I think that's it, we'll call it "Through With it Thursday" and if you don't want to hear about my decisions, why I make them and why I think they are right, you might want to stay away from here on Thursdays...Maybe I'll start tonight, maybe not till next week, we'll see how the day goes.


Anonymous said...

I'm in. I'll not only read it, but I will respond every week. I may give you a hearty "here, here!" or I may politely state my opposing view, but I will listen.

azlabrat said...

I'm all for opposing views, just so long as there is mutual respect. That is really what the whole thing is about for me.