Friday, September 18, 2009

I should really do this more often...

So, I apparently suck at keeping up with a blog...I think it might be the microblogging on FB and Twitter (incidentally, I have put some recipes up in the past few weeks on FB because it's easier to put them up there than it is here)...

Bobby and I have lived through the induction season and he is officially a Chief now. I haven't seen him in his uniform yet (for those that don't know the uniforms change in the Navy when you make Chief, and it's kind of a big deal), they did the pinning ceremony underway and will not be home for a few days...I can't wait to see him.

I have a lot of things rolling around in my head that I want to blog about...some of them are just things I need to rant about, some of them are I'm torn, can't decide if I want to put my thoughts out there or not. I think maybe I just need to let myself go and put it all out there...we'll see.

Been working on sleep training with Punk. All is going amazingly well at this point (it took a few weeks), he still fights naptime a bit, but he now goes to bed at night without so much as a whimper. I can tell that Punk is getting closer to weaning. He still enjoys nursing and LOVES his morning nurse, but during the rest of the day he is typically just too busy to be bothered. He does still nurse it's just struggle sometimes. He is growing SO fast, it makes me sad everyday to see my precious little baby slip away, but I have joy that comes with seeing my precocious little toddler emerging.

Bobby and I are preparing to go to the Temple this fall to be sealed together as a family. We had a date set and had everything scheduled, but it looks like the Navy may have stepped in the way of that plan, so we are trying to move it up to make it still happen this fall as opposed to having to put it off until next year. More details to come as we firm up plans.

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Kenna said...

Awesome you are guys are going to be sealed as a family!

And Congrats to Bobby on becoming Chief!

And to Robby & you for getting him on a sleeping schedule. That is still something I am working on for Alyssa but she is so STUBBORN!