Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hawaii - From Home

So, HI was great. We discovered that we are NOT beach people and really only spent about 20 minutes total on the beach the whole time we were there...have you seen us, we are WHITE, it took longer to put on the sunscreen than we spent on the beach! Punk is allergic to Hawaii, so he was a little snot-ball (quite literally) pretty much the whole time that we were there. He was totally worse both during our visit to the Temple and during church on Sunday, so some plant they had at both places was probably the biggest culprit. We had a great time at the Dole Plantation, we went to the USS Arizona Memorial which was a sobering experience for me, we walked the streets and shops of Waikiki together every night, but the very best part was watching my Punk and his Daddy interact together and I am so glad that we are swiftly nearing the end of this deployment.

I do have pictures (Bobby just emailed them to me yesterday) and I will be blogging some of them with more specific stories soon.

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