Monday, February 27, 2012

Q-Are-You?, Child Info Tag

Okay, I might be the only one, but I worry about my kids getting...ummm...misplaced.  We travel a lot and we go to splash parks and stuff like that.  My kids are also little, too little to know their phone number yet.  So I saw something kind of like this on Pinterest a few days ago but that version cost $60!  I figured I could do something similar for my kids to wear when we are in a place they might wander off...this is what I came up with...

The QR Code in this picture is purposely muddled because you can scan the real picture and get my information!  It simply says Mom-Kelli with my phone number after it.  I figure with so many people having smart phones if someone finds my kid they can scan the necklace (I also made an ankle bracelet with the same size pendant) and they can call me.

I know people who just write their info on their kids backs with Sharpie when they travel and I know people who buy custom temporary tattoos or have medical ID bracelets made with their info on them for their kids, I just thought this was an awesome alternative for the digital age (and for those of us that are just kind of nerds that way).

Thinking about selling these, would you consider buying something like this for your kid?  What do you think you would pay for something like this?